How to keep yourself in a positive mood!

I wanted to take a bit of a break from writing about the past, it can be a bit emotional for me because I’m remembering things that I’ve blocked out for years.

So I decided to share with you some things that I learned over the past week that can help you increase positivity in your life! Something everyone can always use!

Build positive, healthy Experiences: experience success and personal growth. Go out and fo things! Go for walks, get housework done, do that thing you’ve kept putting off, just do something! You will definitely feel a millions times better accomplishing things then you will laying around the house doing nothing.

Do pleasant things that are possible now: don’t worry about the future, just do things that are pleasant now. Don’t stress about “well if I do this and this and this well then maybe i’ll finally be Happy”. Just do something now! This can include small things like taking a bath or going out dancing. Be a little more carefree and a little less anxious.

Take care of relationships: build on present relationships and develop new ones. Take time to nuture relationships in your life, whether it is family, friends or loved ones. Don’t focus all of your attention towards your career, because frankly when things get rough, who will be there? Your family, friends etc. or your career? (hint: it’s not your career)

Avoid avoiding: don’t give in when you want to give up. Trust me, you will be so proud for sticking it out, and if you give up you will have nothing but disappointment for yourself.

Focus on the positive experiences: refocus on the positive if your mind wanders to the negative. It’s okay if your mind wanders, just be aware of it and put it on the right track. Your mind is a very powerful object, what you focus on ultimately determines your mood.

Ignore worries: Appreciate the present moment! LET GO!

I hope that this helps for anyone who is stressed out or in a bad place. I know it has been making a difference for me.

Just give me mercy and a minute now. x


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